Thank you for your interest in being a dealer at Viencon 2022.

We are reworking our dealer / artist concept. More info coming soon

You can download the full general terms and conditions for dealers here.


Registration forms:

We are reworking our dealer / artist concept. More info coming soon


Dealer obligations:

* The dealer has to adhere to the opening times of the dealer room.
* The dealer is also required to have at least one person at their table, of course with the exception of breaks.
* The dealer will keep their space and table clean and free of damage.
* It is prohibited to use duct tape, nails or other materials that can damage the space and tables.
* Selling “goodie bags” or “lucky bags” is prohibited.
* Viencon is not liable for the costs, fines or penalties of the dealer in case of breaking the house rules of Viencon and Center Parcs. These costs, fines or penalties are on charge of the dealer.
* The dealer and the dealer’s employees always have to listen to the staff, stewards, and gophers of Viencon and the employees of Center Parcs. In case of dispute, contact the staff members.


It is prohibited by Dutch law to sell bootlegs. Viencons’s staff members, stewards and gophers will be instructed to monitor and check for bootlegs. Viencon also works with FakeIsSad. Bootlegs are products sold without license of the rightful owner. Examples are, but not only, fake figures and cups with official artwork.

The dealer will warned only once upon discovering the sale of bootlegs. The dealer must leave the premises the second time. Tickets, accommodations and other fees will not be refunded.