4 Houses Games

As you all know by now Viencon will have 4 houses which you can join and win points for during the house games.

You can choose whichever house you want to join, the decision is per person, so not everyone in your cottage has to join the same team. Once you've told us which house you'd like to join we'll give you a button with that house's mascot on it. This way it'll be easy for us to keep track of which house wins how many points and you guys get to represent your house with a cute little button

During Viencon we will hold some fun games in which you can participate to win points for your house, the points will be displayed on a screen during the event. Not only can you win points by participating in the smaller games, but you can also win points by winning at the bigger events like the Smash Brothers tournament or food challenges etc.

Participating is not a must, this is just a fun thing that everyone can join if they want to 

Time & Date: Saturday, 19:00 - 20:00 @ Mainstage 1